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The WhipHit Bat
Versatile Handpath Swing Trainer

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The Ultimate Handpath Hitting Instructor

"The best tool available for training proper handpath and swing technique"

The WhipHit Bat offers natural, intuitive instruction for swinging with precision and power. The only way to 'whip' the WhipHit Bat when making contact with a ball is by swinging correctly. Simply by using this device, you will learn to be short, quick and powerful to the ball using the sweet spot of the bat every time.

The WhipHit Bat is also excellent for maintaining proper technique while recovering from injury. It's unique design eliminates jarring impact shock allowing you to train safely throughout recovery.

  • Teaches the shortest, most efficient hand path to the ball
  • Improves hitter's power and control
  • Develops bat speed
  • Hit off a tee or hit front tossed balls as precision increases
  • Use with real baseballs and softballs
  • Start swinging correctly within minutes!
Note:  For use in video analysis you can remove the rubber sleeve on the WhipHit Bat to reveal a red rope.  The red rope will contrast with the bat making it easier to view and track the hitter's swing path.


Download our instruction manual (pdf).

See video of the WhipHit Bat in action.

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