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The WhipHit Bat The Ultimate Hand Path Swing Training Device

The WhipHit Bat is uniquely designed to teach the shortest swing path to the ball. It quickly improves your swing technique and helps you build bat speed with repetitive use so you can hit stronger, smarter and better.

Baseball and Softball players of all ages and skill levels can use the WhipHit Bat. Practice with it, listen to it, succeed with it. The WhipHit Bat will literally WHIP your swing into shape!


"During a lifetime of baseball I've seen a million hitting gadgets, some good, most bad. It's my experience that The WhipHit Bat is an excellent training tool. It meets my criteria of being fun, effective, durable, portable, and not too hard on the pocketbook...
Get one and you'll be on the fast track towards developing that Derek Jeter - inside the ball - slump proof swing."

- Brent Mayne, 15 Year MLB Veteran

"It was very interesting to see how focused the team was. The WhipHit is something new and something challenging...The girls start to understand the inside-out swing and to think during practice, not only while using the WhipHit, but also during the other stations and drills and exercises we do the whole practice. The players don't just swing the bat just to swing it like in the past...they really start to think and understand."

- Martina Lackner, Professional Softball Player and Coach, Tex Town Tigers, Austria

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