About Us

The WhipHit Bat is the first in a series of training devices focused on teaching optimized swing mechanics. Our team is hard at work developing more tools to help you swing with greater precision and power!

It is said a picture is worth a thousand words. An actual device is worth thousands more. The WhipHit Bat is pure and simply a communication device. It talks to you directly without words Ė listen to itís feedback, itís coaching, and it will tell you everything you need to know in order to develop the perfect swing, FAST.

The WhipHit Bat brand is a division of TFS (The Fastpitch School) which is focused on teaching tried and true hitting methods and shares a dedication to helping kids and players improve on the field and in life. The WhipHit Bat Team is comprised of teachers and professionals that share this commitment to improvement and sport. We strive to provide the best tools and techniques available to help players of all ages and skill levels.

This commitment has led to the creation and our cooperation with non-profit organizations and affiliates to promote baseball and softball around the world. Our partners include Team TFS and the Chinese Softball Foundation (CSF). Please follow the links below to learn more.

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